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on,off,on,off Nov. 2nd, 2004 @ 09:10 am
i will be posting the things to wut she say on and off to today:

Hawaiinbabi94: well if you so sick of the fights then why don't stop them?
StephyBabi94: well um i kno then lets stop them
Hawaiinbabi94: fine with me
StephyBabi94: r u sick of the fights
Hawaiinbabi94: YEA!!! but i don't start them all the times
StephyBabi94: ok then if we get mad at each other then tell the person and get it over with
StephyBabi94: well jeana i dident start them that much
Hawaiinbabi94: me either
Hawaiinbabi94: ok lets just drop it
StephyBabi94: kk
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steph-fanny or step on me Nov. 2nd, 2004 @ 09:02 am

cant she ever take a idea?? this is wut she ia saying::

Hawaiinbabi94: hey
Hawaiinbabi94: hello?
Hawaiinbabi94: r u there???
Hawaiinbabi94: stephine???
Hawaiinbabi94: stephine you should put up an away maessege instead of gettting peeps mad
StephyBabi94 is no longer idle at 8:49:53 AM.
StephyBabi94: what
Hawaiinbabi94: why where ignoring me?
StephyBabi94: i wasent
StephyBabi94: i was on the couch watchin t.v
Hawaiinbabi94: yeah you were
StephyBabi94: no i wasent i dident kno u were up i thought u were sleepin before your away message
Hawaiinbabi94: i was ust talking to you and you were not away and wasn't say hi or stuff
Hawaiinbabi94: w/e
StephyBabi94: ya w/e thats because i wasent by the computer
Hawaiinbabi94: well you should put an away messege up or stuff instead of peeps gettin mad
StephyBabi94: w/e i dont have to if i dont wanna
Hawaiinbabi94: w/e
StephyBabi94: ya thats right w/e
StephyBabi94: well i guess were out of the talent show
Hawaiinbabi94: lol...not you think you r all that well your not
StephyBabi94: shut up
Hawaiinbabi94: make me
StephyBabi94: fine ill make u by not talkin to
StephyBabi94: and sence we arnt friends then it is just u and frankie because we cant practice the talent show
Hawaiinbabi94: well i never said that i just was giving you idieas
StephyBabi94: wat about wat ideas
Hawaiinbabi94: OMG!!!!! don't you listen?
StephyBabi94: u never told me any ideas
StephyBabi94: OMG!!!
StephyBabi94 signed off at 8:56:35 AM.
StephyBabi94 signed on at 8:56:37 AM.
Hawaiinbabi94: yea i did
Hawaiinbabi94: i said why don''t you put up an away messege
StephyBabi94: when were time
Hawaiinbabi94: Hawaiinbabi94: well you should put an away messege up or stuff instead of peeps gettin mad
StephyBabi94: thats not what im talkin about OMG!!!! dont u listen i dont think so..
Hawaiinbabi94: i just copyed and pasted
StephyBabi94: good for u who care i kno i dont
StephyBabi94 signed off at 8:59:05 AM.
StephyBabi94 signed on at 8:59:30 AM.
Hawaiinbabi94: r u mad at me?
StephyBabi94: ya
Hawaiinbabi94: YYY???
StephyBabi94: um because u always start these stupid littel fights and ya kno im sick of it.
Hawaiinbabi94: how did i start it his time you did
Hawaiinbabi94: i was trying to talk to you but you were not at the computer so i was gettine pistStephyBabi94: o y dident u put up an away mssage u get people mad ((jeana
StephyBabi94: then leave it alone if im gettin u pist u get me pist practicly every day
Hawaiinbabi94: well guess wut i have places to go and people to see so and i was tryin to see wut time we could get togetherStephyBabi94: well why dident u just tell me that instead of us gettin in a fight or at least call me if your gettin mad if i dont come bac to the computer

See this is wut i mean she is such a **************!!!!

<3 jeana ps i hope you have a fantasic day!! :)
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???? Oct. 24th, 2004 @ 01:21 pm
The rest of the day is going to be boring. i have to 1. Finish my report 2. make cookies 3.don't no.

Anyway the reason why the last fight me and stephine got in is beacause i copyed the color of her profile!!!??!! And this time, my favortie color is pink.hers is green. she told me that we wont be in the fight anymore if i change my profile. so i changed to all pink. Wut does she do change it to all pink! She thinks she all cooler then me , she is very digusting!! i can't belive her! i must think of a plan to make her think that i am better then her( which i am)( thank you very much)!!!!

Robby is being very annoying!! like he always is. this fun typeing a lot. i think i might type so more until my mom calls we up i hate putting periods and all that stuff that comes after sentences. so i think if i don't use them o well deall with it don't reply saying YOU DID NOT YOU ANYTHING THAT COMES AFTER SENTENCES I THINK I MIGHT HAVE TO KIL YOU OR YOU MIGHT HAVE TO DO REDO THAT SENTENCe. i'm sorry i talk to much. i have no fiends on my livejournal buddy list! then why ami wasting my time doidn this if nobdys is going to read this oh well i don't even no haw to do / the stuff on here!

Well i have to go now! yes i no vey sad!!!

<3 Jeana P.S i like some things like this <3 and i put in my profile she says i copy her???!!!!
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SHTUFF Sep. 26th, 2004 @ 09:23 am
Last night james came over kimmis boyfriend if you guys dont know and i asked him if he was going to take her to the junior prom and he was all like ummm i don't know and then i was all like would you take erica to prom and he said maybe and thats all like what the beep is his beeping problem. She is his girlfriend and so why would he take his ex to the prom? He is does nad kimmie and hi are still going out i am going to have to whip some @$$!

Well i got a new picture for livejournal so you better check that out or i'm going to punch you..just joking. So its going to be a good one, and after that another good one, and the last one? Its very bad becuase a kitty is stealing something which is very bad.

So..After this i have to do stuff in my livejournal..

Bye bye toot-a-loo Don't miss me to much!

Love jeana
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Jul. 23rd, 2004 @ 09:49 am
I'm back didn't you miss me? Well anyway i am still really bored i think i am going to go chat with my self and other people/aleins/computers so bye bye!!! Dn't miss me to much!!!

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